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Rebuild - From the Inside Out.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve gone through, how old you are, or what your life looks like right now, because
the answer is always the same – Be One.
What does that mean? Well, that’s what my work and this site is devoted to.
I would like to share with you through what I do, the ideas, tools and
resources that will help you create a Heaven on Earth.


Inspirational Content to Nourish Your Soul. Articles, Videos, Radio Shows, Music, and so much more to keep the vibes high in your daily life.

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Tools & Services

For those wanting and ready to take it to the next level, whether it be in your spiritual development, your business/career, or home life & Relationships, we offer an extensive menu of powerful, quality Tools & Services that can help you live a more authentic and intentional life NOW.

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Looking for some guided meditations or new music for your yoga practice? Or maybe you would like to just gift someone with something special, unique and meaningful. Our growing shop is constantly being updated with hidden gems of all kinds and has something for everyone. Go on a treasure hunt through our Online Store for your everyday spiritual needs. And don’t forget to visit our very own creation, Tribal Wear – the official fashion sponsor of Be1 Creations. (www.TribalWear.ca)

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Meet Brian.

Inner Revolution

At the age of 18 a process of profound inner transformation began that would completely change the course of his life.
The next few years were spent intensifying and accelerating this process in order to integrate it on a more practical level.
This marked the beginning of an inward evolution that would lead to the discovering of his life’s purpose – being that which inspired him to know more of who he was.
Inspirational Coaching is a term coined that summarizes the purpose behind what his work involves: to inspire positive desire – a state of mind where you’re at your best, and show you how to arrive at and stay there.


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Brian Escobar Be1 Creations

Leading-Edge Healing.

Looking for a way to accelerate your growth?
Our Healing Services can help initiate or speed up a process of transformation
no matter where you are on your path.

Vibrational Sound Healing & Tuning Fork Therapy

                 Tune Up. Tune In.

Tune into you with vibrational sound healing. This gentle alternative not only feels great but can help to alleviate inflammation of muscles and joints, relax & calm the nervous system, as well as instantly centre you. Too good to be true? 30 seconds is all it takes for your body to enter into a state of self-healing. It’s one of those things you just need to experience for yourself.

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*Want to try it out? Now available during Meditation & Restorative Classes @Grand Wellness! Check the events calendar for dates and deets.

Inspirational Coaching (iC)

                 What is iC?

Living is an Art, and painting an extraordinary life — which comes down to your ability to add value, joy, create impact, reach achievement & distinction, contribute and be happy — isn’t accomplished through mere willpower or “motivation” alone, but through a constant and consistent commitment to being in your centre and operating from that place.
Those who thrive, even in the most difficult of times, have a different quality of thinking and processing emotion that ensures commitment to change. They are in the habit of consistently focusing on the positive, building and maintaining momentum, and looking for opportunity amidst chaos.
No matter what the state of your life is in right now, Brian Escobar’s Inspirational Coaching (IC) sessions can give you access to insights, tools and strategies that can help you have breakthroughs in your life and create real, lasting results while teaching you to use them for yourself. Perfect for children, teens, young or old adults, anyone looking to transform and take control of their life!

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                 A Hands-On Approach

Brian is a Reiki Master Teacher. This Japanese-origin treatment promotes healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Reiki practitioners use gentle touch and healing methods to channel energy through the body to reduce stress, restore balance and create a profound sense of well-being. We innately know the power of touch and it often surfaces when we hurt ourselves, like if we scrape our knee, or when a mother holds her crying baby, our instinct is to hold/touch to bring comfort and relieve pain.
Whether you are wanting to experience Reiki or become a certified practitioner, Brian happily guides you through this process.

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                 The Melchizedek Method

As a fully certified Melchizedek Method practitioner, Brian offers healing sessions that offer much more than just light body activations and healing, but a whole new approach to body health, harmony, and the acceleration of spiritual ascension. In a session you can expect the cleansing of your lower 8 bodies; the balancing & cleansing of your elementals, chakras and meridian systems; the activation and anchoring of your Divine Blueprint & Original 8 Cells; as well as your chosen area of healing (whether it be physical, mental or spiritual). Brian believes that we humans are powerful creators of our realities and that we create with our thoughts, emotions and intentions because these things have energy and energy supports life. Energy is all around us and we can learn to harness it, program it and direct it – this is the basis of Brian’s healing work and what he dedicates his life to becoming a better conduit for.

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