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Take The First Step

When it comes to succeeding in anything, the most important thing we can ever do is just start. This process of balancing the Divine Masculine aspect of our psyche has to do with being able to initiate. Whether it’s a change in our life, conquering a fear, or making a decision, developing this quality teaches one to be consistent and trustworthy.

Being confident in your ability to do something is often half the battle when it comes to completing a task. When you have faith in your ability to do something, it’s easier for you to do it well. But when you don’t act on the opportunities to grow this faith/confidence you rob yourself of the opportunity to strengthen it. Take for example a toxic job or relationship – you’ve invested so much into it that letting it go would seem like you wasted your time, let alone if there is no guarantee of something better in the near future. But by taking the plunge into the unknown and looking for the evidence of being supported and it happening with ease, when you do come out the other side you will have stretched your ability to trust in yourself and the universe more than ever before. This translates into being able to accomplish and manifest things more quickly, because the bigger the faith, the bigger the mountain you can move.

Power In Discipline

Looking at it from an energetic perspective, let’s say that our goal as spiritual beings is to raise our vibration. Represent this in your mind as life force energy that lays dormant in our root chakra, or at the base of our spine. Every morning we awake with this life force fully recharged to do whatever it is we please with it, but now let’s say that you have a sudden urge for that morning coffee or checking your email knowing you made a commitment to meditate first thing upon waking. By failing to keep to the commitment you made to yourself this energy gets stuck and leaks out of the second chakra, because we are using our creative life-force energy to indulge in a habit, keeping the energy from rising. This internal conflict keeps us stagnant because we are acting in a way that doesn’t align with what we believe and challenges our sense of self.

On the other hand, when we do follow through and act on our will power, even our bodies reward us with the release of dopamine. There is this sense of fulfillment and accomplishment, a sense that you just grew a little bit and got a little stronger, and this motivates you to do it more. The life force energy has now risen to the third chakra located in our solar plexus area. This is the centre of your will and responsible for your sense of self. By activating it we become more of our true, authentic selves and step into our power.

It is often said, if you want something, act as if it were already yours.
The reason we need to initiate is so that we can align with the truth that it is done already.”
Physically carrying out steps towards the things we want allows the universe to meet us half way. Much like how wormholes work, making two vastly distant points significantly closer by bending space-time (imagine poking a hole at the bottom and top of a page and joining them by folding the paper), we can make our dreams come true by just going there. Why wait to get promoted? Follow your passion and start your dream job today! If abundance is what you want, act and do the things you would do if you were abundant already however you can, then the message you will be giving to your subconscious mind must mean it is true and so it will be.
Do what you would do if you were living the life you wanted to align with it. “
Our intuition is always guiding us, giving us the next step, often coming as a thought or idea inspired in those “Aha! Moments”. And just like how the headlights on a car allow you to see so far at night, so will each intuitive thought let you see only so far ahead. But by acting on each step we get, even though there is no guarantee that we will know how to get there or see the next step, there is the opportunity to have the faith that we will – that is what it takes to follow your heart.

Power On

The truth is we are always initiating, it just depends whether it is in the direction of what we want or not. By becoming aware of what we want and deciding upon it, we’ve summoned the forces that be that are needed to attract this, and so the only thing that matters after that is your why. Why do you want this? What is your intention? This will reveal whether your desire is coming from ego or your heart, and the more you act from your heart, the more fulfilling and beautiful your life will be.


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