Meet Brian.

Angel - not a Saint.

Letting the Soul Lead the Way

Hey Trish! Here is a bio you can use — I have more coming, will send soon!

“I thought I was pretty normal growing up. I wasn’t exactly born with any noticeable ‘special gifts,’ and I only did well enough in school to get by, but deep down felt like it was slowly killing my creativity.

Having started from scratch I learned many things the hard way, but after graduating college as an Audio Engineer I decided to take a break from routine life and go on a trip that I didn’t know would soon change my life, and the way I looked at it, forever.
The chance to leave the country presented itself and so I departed for the mountainous heart of Mexico, which would be my temporary home for the next several months. It was then that I began to really define my own opinions and beliefs about things, to question without the usual influences of family, society, friends, school, religion or media, giving me room and leaving me open to hear my own inner truth and eventually discover my healing gifts.

The experiences that would then follow this initial reflection were like a series of steps in a Rube Goldberg machine, as if one link in these chain of events had been any different, I might not have come into the right information, or the right people at the right place and time to know what I needed to know to get to the next step. It was these things that really accelerated my process and opened me up to being my own guide and teacher.

While on my journey I came to appreciate and realize the value of simplicity, efficiency and accessibility, and so I share openly the experiences that have taught me what I wish I knew back then in the hopes that it will inspire others to act on the opportunity for a heightened way of living – NOW.

My name is Brian Escobar and my mission is to show you, through my creations, how to Be One; to be your own Source…”

Dreams Don’t Come That Can’t Be Won
– The Vision

“They say the best way to predict the future is to create it, and the kind of world I envision is one where creativity dissolves the need for competition, where peace is a priority, and where gentleness & genuine self expression are cultivated and nurtured.
Be it through the content created at Be1 Creations, the Independent Businesses & Artists we collaborate with, or the healing tools & services offered, it is my deepest desire to be the change I want to see in the world; to be a pioneer in building a Heaven on Earth.”

Ye Are Gods

“I believe each person experiences their own universe based on what they believe, and since the outer world is a reflection of the inner one, that makes us the “gods“, or creators, of our experience. In my own life I have seen first hand that when I shift a belief or decide on something the experiences associated around that shift as well, evolving to match the new paradigm. I mention this because I want you to know that I’m not trying to convince you of anything or sell you something, I am the living proof that this works. I only share what has worked for me, so you can trust that I’m not making this stuff up, but even then I encourage you to try it out for yourself, be your own guide and teacher and listen to your feelings.
If anything, I’m just reminding you of what you already know…”