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Wellness Meditation Program

Introduce the vast benefits of Meditation into your business and workplace!
Boost Relaxation AND Productivity – Sound to good to be true? The scientific studies supporting evidence of the powerful effects of meditation keep showing how when your mind is calm and relaxed it actually functions more efficiently, increases energy, intelligence, and allows you to be more productive in what you do. Learn easy and practical techniques together that can be applied throughout the day to help manage stress levels and bring one back to a calm and centred state. Entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra swear by meditation to help them increase their productivity, health…and even profitability.

How it works: Choose between guided meditation and/or yoga. We go to you, transform any space into a relaxation lounge or yoga studio and treat your employees to a 1 hour, calming and energizing meditation or yoga session. You provide a room and we bring the Zen!

These session are also great for team-building, boosting health, and overall keeping the atmosphere of your work environment positive and your employees feeling genuinely good and grounded.

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