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A Call To Action

You can stand from a distance and look at it, but the key to going higher is to get up close and personal with it.
We are both observer and creator, space and the objects in it, and embracing both aspects is the key to being balanced. Instead of just being the observer staring at your reality, do something with it; play with it while still being the observer. Life’s greatest gift is that it is inherently meaningless – a tabula rasa.

Now, you can live by default and allow it to continue to be meaningless or you can start assigning meaning. We are like the metaphorical Adam in the garden of Eden naming the plants and animals, and developing this glossary of symbols creates a language that allows your intuition to communicate with you through the means you decide upon.
For example, every time the battery on my laptop or cell phone is dying, I have made it a symbol that means I need to drink more water. Note: my devices’ battery lives probably have nothing to do with my water levels, I just picked a meaning for it because I decided this at a time I was needing to drink more water in my daily life. Now any time my body needs water, I will randomly start thinking of my battery dying and I take it as a sign that I need to rehydrate. I should mention it’s important to meditate (or learn to focus on one thing at a time) and de-clutter the mind, so you can more clearly hear the symbols your intuition is sending you – often as your first thought. Now if I ignore that, sometimes it will manifest outwardly for it to be more obvious, and so my cell phone and laptop will die at the same time or something and for some reason that will stick out in my brain as if I should pay attention to that. It’s an abstract example, I know, but I find the more abstract it is, the easier it is to remember and notice these symbols.

This might seem like a daunting task at first, but it’s actually very simple. If anything, the hardest part is that it takes time, but the work in itself only asks you to decide what you want. It can start with a simple question like, “What does this mean to me? What is this circumstance showing me? What does it remind me of? What do I want it to mean? How can I use this so that it’s something I want?”
When you decide upon this symbol, your intuition will prompt you any time you are in the vicinity of what you want using these symbols to help you get closer to it. The more you give meaning to the things in your life to be something that can help instead of hinder you, the more your life will be full of meaningful things.

Re-Write the Script

Traumatic past experiences can often cause us to refrain from participation and can generate a fear around trying new things, or rather failing at them. And so a protective shell is erected that can be hidden behind, acting as a defense mechanism from pain, surrounding yourself with a bubble because you’re afraid of what’s out there. But there comes a time in our lives where certain patterns/habits no longer serve us and it’s time to come out of our shells.

The ego-shell of self-criticism and doubt begins to dissolve when we begin to hang on to things like hope, trust, courage, and self-confidence. These feelings offset negative thinking patterns and the more we act on them the more we entrain, and eventually merge with these qualities.
For example if one is afraid to meet new people or go up and talk to strangers, it would first be helpful to trace back in time to your earliest memories of being rejected or some time where this experience was traumatic. Letting the light of awareness shine into these dark corners helps clear them, but to accelerate this process one must act as if the fear did not exist and just do it.
Science supports this theory through its recent discovery of the correlation between power poses and body chemistry. Simply standing in a Superman/Superwoman pose with your hands on your hips, feet apart and chest out for two minutes is enough to increase testosterone (assertiveness, dominance hormone) and reduce cortisol (stress hormone), meaning you are more relaxed, confident and in control.

The other side of this coin is that we live in a world very driven by validation. When you think about it, much of what people do is for approval and so the question arises are you participating for acknowledgement or out of authenticity? The mental social hierarchy created in people’s unconscious minds creates a fear of rejection reminiscent of how way back in the jungles of Africa, if you were exiled from the tribe you were left to die in the desert, and so we think if we’re rejected our bodies react as if we were actually going to die. It’s time to get out of this survival mode and be our own approval; validate yourself.
Next time that inner critic shows up or you freeze in anxiety, ground that thought by realizing that you feel that way only because you choose to believe you need to. In that moment you shift to the observer perspective and THAT is where you need to participate and re-write the program to suit the person you want to be.

An Exercise In Raising Vibrations

Sit in meditation and become aware of your surroundings and inner body and wait for the “signs”. They may come as a sound, a sparkle, an intuitive thought, it’s all technically a sign so just be aware of whatever symbols you have chosen to mean something for you. Become aware of it when it comes and then just hold your attention/focus on that. For example there have been several times when I’m sitting in meditation, and as soon as I have a revelation, a train in the distance blows its horn to validate the thought I just had – this “sign”, to me, is acknowledgement from the Universe. So once you get the first one, hold that vibration (let no thought interrupt unless it uplifts) and wait for the next sign. Do this until you climb higher and higher – this is where the magic happens. In a sense what you’re doing is in-putting the combination for a lock, unlocking layer after layer until you tune in so deep that the higher reveals itself to you. This advanced form of meditation helps you consciously raise your vibration, and by applying this exercise to things you do that require focus you will improve your ability to get into deeper states of consciousness quicker, strengthen your capability to listen to and trust your intuition, as well as sharpen your focus and creativity.
And if you say, “Oh but Brian, the signs, they are not coming to me…”
To which I will say, they are all signs, just pick one and make it so. That bird chirping in the distance isn’t random, make it mean something, Creator.


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