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Random? On Purpose?

Do you hear the bird chirping in the background, singing the soundtrack to your life? Did you read what it said on that person’s shirt who just walked by? What about the song playing on the radio when you turned on your car, or the person who cut you off when you ran into traffic? Random? On purpose? 

The seemingly meaningless pieces in life are easy to ignore in the peripherals of our perception, but they often hold a lot more depth than we give them credit for if we look deeper into them. Whether it’s a life lesson or an opportunity to see more beauty, life’s abundance is waiting for you to look for it’s existence.

In my universe I’ve programmed the belief that everything happens for a reason. And the longer I believe this, the more that it goes beyond just the obvious events in my life, but quite literally EVERYTHING. From the clothes I wear and the music I listen to, to the clothes others wear and the music they listen to, everything seems to be on purpose. I find myself in the right place at the right time to receive these experiences where it’s as if I am communicating with others on a subconscious level before I even meet them, communing to see how we can harmonize for when our paths do cross and we can exchange a soul wink. 

Like a mosaic, the different coloured, seemingly individual pieces all come together to form a bigger picture, it just take’s looking at it from the right perspective.

Roman Villa of Manius Antoninus Mosaic

Configuring Source Code

We make our interpretations of the universe based on what we deem as important, and we deem something important by giving it our attention. This is why the more we focus on something the more we see of it – like the moment you decide you like the colour blue you start finding things that you like in the colour blue. 

The language of the subconscious mind is symbols (think of dreams). To speak with it we need to assign meaning to things to initiate a dialogue, a language that can bridge the two realms so that information can flow freely between the two mental bodies. Tools like Tarot/Oracle Cards and Astrology are examples of languages that when learned fluently can be used to in a sense “speak” to the unconscious mind. But one doesn’t have to necessarily go about becoming an expert in Ayurvedic Astrology or master the many spreads of the tarot, because the beauty of each of us having our own universe is that we can make anything mean whatever we want. When we say something is bad, so it is… When we say something is good, even though another may not agree, it is good for us.

Dialoguing with the Subconscious

When you get interactive with your environment it begins to talk back. A neat experiment you can try is instead of observing things as random, assign some sort of meaning to the sub-content of your life to make it pop more. Doesn’t have to be a detailed description, it can even be that something happens that acts as a sort of confirmation that you are on the right track – or a warning that you’re not. Think of it like reading life as if everything were an omen, like a dream where every event and person in it represents a certain part of you. At first it may take some practice because you are literally programming a new command into your brain, but when you begin to look for these things in your life they will begin to appear more frequently, creating more of a fifth dimensional experience in your life – making it feel as if you are the star of your own movie and that it’s all for you. Not in an egoic way, but in the sense that it all compliments and harmonizes with you.
For example – Let’s say you assign the meaning of transformation to a butterfly. It’s best to derive meanings from obvious characteristics because I find it easier to remember, like in this case the butterfly’s symbolic growth cycle is what stands out as the obvious trait. Upon deciding that when you see a butterfly it means you are going through a transformational period, that symbol will become prominent and show up in different ways every time you are going through transformational periods in your life as a sort of reminder or omen that it will all be ok. The more of these anchors you have, the easier it is for you to step into the flow because even noticing these synchronicities is centering.
Another way I like to use this technique is to read my environment. Several times I have caught myself thinking less than positive thoughts, and in that moment, something goes off in my environment that reflects this – like something falling and breaking. Look for how your environment is responding to your vibration. Everything can be a symbol…

This is already happening around us a lot more than we think, it’s really more of a tuning into it as apposed to creating it from nothing because we are all one and connected, so naturally our flows intertwine. We are all speaking to each other on an unconscious level, deep down we are all in on this joke, we know this reality is illusory. Sometimes we can forget that we are just playing roles of separation, but on a core level there is only oneness, no sense of separation or competition, only benevolence. You only need to begin to see this world for yourself, because you are the one who is going to give it to yourself – the gift of heaven on earth. It is within us to create such a concept and also the means to manifest it. You are the creator of your story.

So… what’s next?


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