Level Up.

Power Comes From Within.

Inspirational Coaching (iC)

Inspirational Coaching is a method designed to help people find their centre. When “centred”, often referred to as being “in the zone” by athletes or “in the pocket” by musicians, is a state of mind where you can be one with your spirit–or in spirit–hence “Inspirational Coaching”.

A glimpse of this this “spirit” is noticeable especially around the holidays, often it is triggered by great beauty, or anytime giving and sharing is the focus – whenever people are “getting in the spirit” of things you can see this state of mind –Inspiration. Another example of this same spirit is evident in passionate artists when they create and perform.

I believe that being your best is just a habit, and the more you do what you love, the more you get into the habit of being in that state of mind – for when you do what you love, you in a sense summon the creative genius within you, some might call this process channeling – and they would be right, for anytime you do what you love you are channeling all that you’ve become as a result of your experience. This work is aimed at facilitating the process of getting you from where you are to where you want to be, and it is done by showing you how to heal any aspect of the self so that you can better understand how to create for yourself a paradise on earth through doing what you love.

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