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Meditation in Education

Meditation is an excellent way to teach students how to relax their minds so they can focus and thus learn, something which is becoming increasingly difficult with the sensory overload of computers, sugar, games, mobile devices etc. But instead of just continuing on like there isn’t a problem, we need to introduce a solution to the system that will cater to those who, of no fault of their own, have a difficult time paying attention and learning.

How it Works: We have created specially designed talks/seminars/lectures that introduce meditation in an easy to understand, practical way. Complete with handouts and interactive exercises, these presentations are designed with dynamic Media (slides, music, video) and can be tailored to whatever time slot is available from 15, 30 minutes to 6-8 hours. Gone are the days of thinking Meditation is something saved for Eastern or foreign cultures, this has nothing to do with sitting under a tree for hours or walking on hot coals, this is a key to unlocking our human potential.