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Create A Bridge Of Communication

There are those things in life which we just feel so inclined to do, regardless of being able to see the light at the end of that tunnel, but nonetheless we persevere and keep chipping away at the marble until the angel is freed. People will ask why, and sometimes so will we, but often the heart knows before the mind can fully understand.

The thing about the brain is that it likes to intellectualize things so it can understand them – that way it can determine whether something is a threat or not. This state of fight or flight is risen above when you introduce a quality like hope because it requires the use of, not the left nor the right part of the brain, but the third and most important part – the heart. Think of your brain as just a bridge between imagination and heart; wisdom and love – When they are connected we are a bridge between heaven and earth.

Hope Is Trust Is Faith

Hope is really about faith in a feeling, trusting something you can’t see. There is great power in this because it allows us to build relationship with ourselves, and as we learn to trust ourselves we become more confident about the things we invest our energy in. It requires will power to follow through with intuitive guidance, but when you do it strengthens the signal, making the voice of intuition louder, allowing you to make more accurate decisions about more complex puzzles.

Remember the times where it seemed like you wouldn’t have enough money to pay bills or rent on time? Or maybe you didn’t know if you would even have food to eat, time to spare or the right words to say? Perhaps you didn’t know if you could make your dreams come true? Somehow there was a part of you that knew you had gotten through it before and so that inner glimmer of hope helped you pull through, and sure enough you always had what you needed when you needed it. If you’ve made it this far then surely the force is strong with you – if ever it’s doubt that weakens its power.

When it comes to hope, even though you are unsure what the outcome will be there is a sense of optimism that, no matter the outcome, it is what it is meant to be. If we can be comfortable with not knowing and un-attach from outcomes and expectations while purifying our motives, then this is really the only vibrational work needed to see faith through to miracles.

Hope is believing in the possibility that the Universe was made for a spiritual reason and trusting that all that happens is what is best for your soul. Exercising and strengthening this belief will allow you to attract better and better things. The more you look for the blessings and trust that there is something to be learned and grow from the more gentle your lessons will be because you have softened your resistance to negative circumstances – in general you would only attract more and more positive things.

Give Hope


But hope goes beyond just being a personal practice, it’s also something that can be given. When you know in your heart the power of conviction in hope and you reassure others that not all is lost, that there is always a chance for a brighter future, you can change someone’s life. A seemingly small act can ripple out, and when you use a gift you’ve been given to help another you give your own life meaning. For me, giving to others what I never had gives me a sense of purpose, like this article for example – spiritual guidance.

Walk by faith and not by sight – trust yourself. Hope leads to meaning and that’s the difference between a computer and a computer with internet.


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