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Change, Dearest of All My Friends.

If there is one thing that life has taught me it’s that it seems to flow best for those who make friends with change. In a world where the only sure constant is the ever fluctuating dance between push and pull, it’s apparent that learning to ride the wave would certainly be a valuable asset in our evolutionary process.

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Embrace Pivotal Moments

Gentle Healing is a new concept. Most people are used to experiencing (and often relying on) dramatic wake up calls in order to come to realizations, but this is an outdated way of learning and growing. I think the mentality that believes fear leads to safety stems from the idea that, “If I keep doing the same thing I’m used to and just stick to what works then I’ll be safe and secure”. This is a belief structure based in survival mode mentality, and when in this state of mind, the decisions and choices you make aren’t to ensure your happiness and fulfilment, but rather what you think will help you survive.
The problem with this is that although you might get by, it’s subject to your beliefs around security and you might likely be sacrificing something else, like time or the things that truly make you happy, but this is also showing something more important. The message you are sending yourself when you are operating from survival mode is, “My prime directive is to survive”, implying survival is more important than peace or happiness. What does that imply about feelings of worthiness around happiness? Or even the capacity to experience it? This begs another question, what’s more important when making decisions – Happiness? Or Survival? One feels good and the other has a more practical approach that ensures your physical needs are met, but like most things in life it’s all about balance. If anything it’s more about which intent is dominant because both are part of life on Earth. Instead of survival being the motive behind everything I think that not only would we be happier, but the world would be one step closer to peace if happiness was more of a priority when making choices.

Seek First the Kingdom

In the privacy of my own mind though, there is a part of me that believes that simply following your joy is enough, dare I say both chance and evolution even favour this attitude because it requires one to be fearless and really trust. In this love-based Universe it makes sense that loving life enough to make your happiness a priority would be encouraged, supported and rewarded. As you organically harvest the things in what Abraham Hicks calls “your Vortex”, you will naturally attract that which is best for your happiness and longevity (survival), because the vibration of a human being thriving is more powerful than a million who aren’t. I’ll say that again in a different way just to emphasize…
Don’t ask me to prove that scientifically (even though I’m sure it already has been in some way), but I can tell you that in my life alone I have gotten out of some real sticky situations, as well as gotten into some really good ones, because I listened to my intuition, which requires one to be in their centre to do. There are a couple of quotes from the Bible that sum up this idea:
“Seek first the kingdom…and all things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33)
“Set your mind on things above and not on things of the Earth” (Colossians 3:2)
I like to interpret the “kingdom” as being a state of mind that sees the perfection of the now. When you see “what is” as perfect and acceptable then you are in heaven because you are at peace, there is no conflict, and so as you see perfection in your mind it manifests externally in your reality. I like to remind people that you don’t need to die to go to heaven, you can experience it here by just being at peace, thus allowing the life you want to live to flow through you.

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In my own life, before I knew anything about anything “spiritual”, I was no stranger to following my heart so I can attest to this. Even when I decided I wanted to go to school for Audio Engineering after high school, everyone told me it would be a hard field to find work in but I knew that Music was going to be in my life forever no matter what, so I may as well go all in and just commit to it. I could have gone the music school route but I was more interested in the science of sound in general and the art of capturing it, and of course there would always be the performer side of me who could come out and play. But regardless of the advice I got I went for it anyways, and yes at first it was hard to find work, but I eventually just created my own work. Now I am in the process of building my own studio, own a Media company, and am happy to say that I get paid to do what I love. Work is now play and that’s all I do… Err’day 😉

Method or Madness?

So how does one break out of the cycle of comfortable familiarity? When is it the right time to leave that boring relationship? or quit that stressful job? To start that new business idea you’ve been sitting your ass on and live the life you’ve always wanted?! Well my friends, there is no time like the present!
But Brian, you’re telling me to quit my job, leave my partner and take a risk…what would I do, what would everyone think?!”
A logical question, but first let me say that it’s this kind of limited thinking that keeps one trapped in a box. The whole point of this game of life is that you can believe anything into existence if you can convince yourself of it, whether it be misery or miracles, heaven or hell – this is why being open minded is crucial to opportunity.

Now obviously I’m not going to say jump off a cliff if you don’t know how to fly (even though I not so secretly believe that if you did you would figure it out on the way down), but I can totally understand how that can be intense. I’ve always been the type to just jump in the water and figure it out as I go along, and although I do think that is a fast way of learning, there have been some things I had to learn that required a more gentle approach – especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Humans may not like to admit it but we are a very fragile species in our current state. When something like social acceptance is a basic fundamental need for people it’s easy to see how trauma can keep someone from trying new things, failing, or stepping out of their comfort zones in general.
But here’s the thing, you don’t need to be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound to change your life, it all begins with the decision to change. With the amount of decisions we make in a day it’s very easy to take their power for granted, but when you decide on something you initiate a power and process whereby life sets up a “route” for it to come. Our thoughts are creating the things we see in our reality ALL the time, and when we make a decision, it’s like we’ve made a new neural path, a new potential that, sooner or later, will manifest depending on the level of resistance between you and what you want. When you stop using your “human strength” and use the spiritual leverage that you have as a Creator Being, the power of the universe is at your service, especially when it comes to changing your life for the better. In the same way you would manifest anything material in your life, manifest gentle change, manifest spiritual growth, don’t forget there is a whole internal world that you can build on. Manifestation is easy, a lot of the time what you want is created as soon as you experience the lack of it and eventually it gets to the conscious mind as a known desire. Then it’s only a matter of time between the thought of it and the receiving of it, which can be accelerated by just being at peace while you wait in joyful anticipation, giving thanks as if it were already done.

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Go With the Flow

So don’t let the fear of change or failure stop you, I challenge you to even see it as fun. Program yourself to notice and look for how life only gets better and better, change is just the process of transition to those better times, but it is a process that if you align with by just accepting it, you will find the current taking you to better waters in no time! When you just trust, there is no need to experience circumstances that would foil your security, because indeed that would be the reason for those events. But when you consciously take your growth and healing into your own hands, you can avoid having to learn things the hard way and just flow through life with the ease and grace of nature. So next time life throws you a curveball don’t be fooled by it’s illusory nature, it is designed to trick you, that ball is aimed right for the sweet spot, and oh Lord baby Jesus, if you just take a swing and hit that ball – it’s outta’ here! Repeating the same pattern is easy, taking advantage of the momentum of change when the opportunity presents itself is the trick… the question is, have you had enough yet?

All the blessings,

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